Roger Copple

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About Roger Copple

Roger Copple has retired from teaching third grade in a public school of Indianapolis in May 2010, at the age of 60. Roger is interested in political theory and has written a proposal for a Twenty-Eighth Amendment which simplifies, clarifies, and changes Article V of our current Constitution, which tells how we can propose and ratify amendments. His proposal also tells how a Constitutional Convention to totally rewrite the US Constitution can be held in a fair, safe, and orderly way, which is not even addressed in our current Constitution. Moreover, he has written a new constitution called The Third Constitution of the United Sates.

27 demands to Congress

Roger Copple launched the following survey:
SURVEY: Paleoconservatives, Libertarians, Greens, and Socialists Unite! (Updated here: 27 Demands to Make of Congress) You can actually take the survey at his web site.

#1: Dismantle all nuclear weapons and nuclear energy power plants, simultaneously and voluntarily, the world over as soon as possible.

See the polls:

#2: Bring home all U.S. troops and close down the government’s 700-1000 military bases around the world. Even with such a drawdown, our nation would retain more than enough capacity to defend its own borders. The money previously spent on the military would be used to create jobs and rebuild our nation’s infrastructure: “[A]nd they shall turn their swords into ploughshares.” (Isaiah 2:4). Military ships, submarines, and planes can be used for low-budget travel and tourism.

Other political views

See also his proposed Third Constitution of the United States .