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Make the world a better place
Image created by Panoramics

See images created by Panoramics:


During our marketing efforts, we aim to attract the type of people who fit the following profile:
- are interested in the core topics developed at Minguo: democracy, healthy political debate with focus on electoral reform, election methods and discussion on policies.
- are distraught by the current political climate and who long for a better approach to discussing policies and the common good.
- are interested in making a difference through team work and collaboration,
- share the environmental and humanitarian concerns already widely shared by the current active membership.
- want to support third parties (NGOs, etc.) who already do some excellent work


Colors: This tool is useful to choose colours, and to use in discussions when one wants to suggest a specific colour. Say you have a specific tint of green in mind, you can link to it: is an excellent Open Source image manipulation desktop software. (US$9/month) and (US$5/month) are commercial online services to create images. Panoramics used those services to create images above 1.


Images on the left column are usually 195px wide.
On a Linux system, one can resize the full scale image thus:

convert image.jpg -auto-orient -resize 195x image_195.jpg

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