One Texas

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One Texas is a Texas Political Action Committee targetting progressive Latino voters and leaders. From their "about us" page:

Leadership is about making hard choices, smart investments and asking Texans to share in the sacrifice. That is the Texas way. The mission of One Texas is to change politics in our state engaging Latino voters and electing a new generation of Latino leaders who are willing to think big and lead responsibly.

Today’s Latino leaders are prepared to confront our biggest challenges with practical solutions to these complex problems. One Texas will drive the way we talk about politics and public policy.

And unlike traditional political action committees, One Texas will participate in voter engagement and play a pivotal role on matters of public policy, demography and mobilizing Texas’ largest demographic. One Texas is uniquely positioned to impact public policy accountability in Austin to voter sentiment throughout the state.

With more than one in three Texans now of Hispanic decent, Latinos have a greater voice and are disproportionately responsible for solving critical issues of our state. There is no greater priority than addressing our deteriorating human and resource infrastructure. The single most important policy challenge we face is ensuring a healthy and educated workforce that is prepared to confront the increasing energy, water and transportation demands of a rapidly growing state.

Texas needs leaders that will step up to solve the big challenges in our state. One Texas and its forward-thinking Latino leaders are ready and together we will lead the conversation in Austin and change our state. It’s time we become One Texas for Texas.

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