Letter writing campaign for the Chibok girls and NE Nigeria

This is a collectively editable wiki page. Be bold and improve it by adding any relevant information you may have.

This wiki page is set up to document the letter (email) writing campaign for the Chibok girls and North-East Nigeria. Feel free to edit and improve this page.

To whom to write?

It really depends on your personal motivation. If you want to specifically write about the Chibok girls, you ought to write to the people who have the actual power to do something about it, e.g. your own government or the Nigerian government. If you are also concerned about the overall situation in the affected region (NE Nigeria), you can write to relevant charities and NGO to see what they can do and how we can assist them.



How to write?

The first rule is: do not tweet! First, 140 characters is not enough to properly express our concerns. Secondly, tweets are easily ignored. In fact, you'd be lucky if your tweet is seen at all by the embassador, the president, the prime minister or whomever you are writing to.

Write at least by email and maybe also by mail. Registered mail would be the best as you'd be guaranteed to gain some attention.

What to write?

It depends on whom you write to and why you write. We plan to create individual wiki pages for key groups of individuals with specific ideas and guidelines for each.

Publishing your letters

Although it is not an obligation, you should strongly consider publishing your letter and the eventual answer you may receive (inform them first that you intend to do so).

There are two main reasons to do so:
- It allows our grassroots effort to share information.
- Seeing all the letters thus published will inspire many more individuals to write, too. It is important to reach a critical mass.

Where to publish? Anywhere you want or can. If you have a personal web site or blog, you can publish your letter and the reply there, and then use this wiki to link to your blog entry. If you don't have a personal place, you can register/login in this web site and publish it in the blog section.

Already published letters


Help us document everything you learn. Share names, addresses, email addresses of key individuals that we could all write to. Share the information you've gained; add it into the appropriate place in this wiki.


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