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The Knowledge Democrats project has a dedicated group at Daily kos: Knowledge Democrats Daily Kos group.

If you wish to join, you may send a message to the group asking to be sent an official invitation.

Group membership

We get a lot of questions regarding the implications and responsibilities of being a member of the Knowledge Democrats group at Daily Kos. Here are some answers:


None! Being a member of the group does not engage you to anything. That's it! :)


Joining the group can make a few little things more convenient to you:

  • You have a convenient link on the right hand side of the Daily Kos home page, leading straight to the group home page. Thus, you can easily check for the latest development at any time.
  • You can easily submit either your own diaries or diaries by other authors to the group. See below for details.
  • It is a demonstration of moral support.
  • You can participate as much or as little as you want, depending on your time available and inclination.


Diary formatting

Note: diary requirements: It is important that you follow some simple guidelines for your diaries. There are two simple rules that we established for practical reasons:

1) Keep the Intro short: When you create a new diary, there are two parts: first the Intro, then the Extended (Optional) part. Keep the Intro short: no more than one paragraph or two and no more than one picture. Thus, people who follow the Knowledge Democrats group will be able to quickly and conveniently browse the group for all the latest diaries, picking out those that interest them the most.

2) Do not embed videos in the intro: again, this rule is for practical reasons. When there are too many videos embedded in a page, many users experience an unacceptable slow-down, with their systems sometimes crawling to a halt. When each diaries embed many videos and they are all in the intro section, it means that all the videos from all the diaries will be embedded in the group home page, compounding the problem. So, please, do not embed videos in the intro section of your diaries. Thus all the group members will have a much better browsing experience. Thanks!

For example, here are two groups publishing diaries which generally follow the above rules:

Note how their group front page is easily browsable so that people can easily pick out the diaries that they are interested in.

Collectively edited diaries

One of the biggest advantages of having a group at Daily Kos is that group members can help collectively edit diaries. Some diaries may be queued for review by other members: the author can ask other group members for their input on how to improve a diary, etc. (See below the rule about not publishing a queued diary unless authorized to do so!)

Note: when two editors are working on the same diary at the same time, the second one to save the draft may erase the changes saved by the first one. Thus, it is a good idea to leave a note in the title or somewhere saying: "Do not edit now. xxx is currently editing this diary.". Remove the note when you are done.

Submiting diaries by other authors

You can easily submit diaries by other Daily Kos members. If you stumble upon an interesting diary which you think is a good fit to the group, you can submit it following the same simple steps as below.

However: do not publish queued diaries unless authorized to do so. Basically, you can publish all the diaries that you have queued yourself. Sometimes, other authors will queue diaries for a specific reason, for example: queued diaries can be collectively edited and review by other group members. Let them take the responsibility to schedule the diary for publication. On the other hand, it may happen that a member has queued a diary but does not have the rights to publish it. You may contact that member by private message and see with her/him when to schedule it for publication. (Diary about this rule.)

Queuing diaries without publishing

It is sometimes convenient to queue diaries without actually publishing them. It is useful for example to allow a review of the diary by other members, allowing for edits to be made before actually publishing it. However, sometimes diaries get published accidentally or by people with good intentions who publish a diary which shouldn't be.

In order to prevent this problem, here is what you can do:

  • Remove tags: add tags when you create your diary, but remove them after you have queued the diary which will prevent the diary from being published. Cut and paste the tags onto the bottom of the diary so that they can be pasted in back again when it's time to publish the diary.
  • Add "Do NOT PUBLISH" in all caps in the title.
  • Add a "Queue note", explaining the reason the diary is queued and giving publishing instructions.

See this diary.

Submitting your diaries

Note: diary requirements: see diary formatting section, above.

Once you have joined the group, you can submit any of your current or past diary to the group following the simple steps below.

For a new diary that has not yet published yet, follow these steps:

Or, for a diary that has already been published, follow these steps: