Knowledge Democrats candidates and personalities

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What follows is a list of all the candidates and personalities currently being considered for support by the Knowledge Democrats movement.

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Knowledge Democratic Personalities aren't necessarily candidates but people who have either at some point been been elected to political office, become candidates for political office or at some level of academic or discussion have been influential. These figures are people who are big in critical thinking, decision making and also challenging limitations of normal debates while being progressive and apart of the Democratic Party at the same time. Jerry Tetalman and Pete Ashdown fit that bill. Other figures include Howard Dean and linguist George Lakoff, who has been very influential in liberal and progressive circles.

Knowledge Democratic candidates are those who aren't necessarily Knowledge Democrats themselves but Democrats who have been verified as genuine Democrats as according to the inclusive view Knowledge Democrats have on welcoming any Democrat to the discussion, regardless of where they are on issues. So long as any candidate, regardless of how much attention he/she has, has proof they are a Democrat because of what they stand for, we endorse them. Arguably, we prefer progressive candidates but we also emphasize we don't hold litmus tests unless the Democrats are not fighting for causes Democrats care for. So long as there's at least one issue which a Knowledge Democrat-endorsed candidate fights for that they're most passionate about (i.e. Social Security or net neutrality) that all Democrats can relate to, then they've got our support.

Listing per election


49th Congressional District

Jerry Tetalman


US Senator

Pete Ashdown