Knowledge Democrats

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Primary objectives

  • Promote constructive political dialogue: we want to go beyond talking points. We want to promote a positive political dialogue on the issues. This includes communication at all levels, including IT as a means of communication, particularly social media
  • Promote progressive agendas, while challenging people with opposite ideas in a legitimate way. If say the goal to beat the Republican Party is in clearly differentiating Democrats, then the case need to be made that Knowledge Democrats stand for effective communication and facts, not beating around the bush.
  • Support progressive candidates.

Secondary objectives

  • Knowledge Democrats will strive to promote candidates who are not about talking points so much but about genuinely being original political figures. Often times, this requires individuals who don't set themselves out to be career politicians but to make a difference in general regardless of politics. We are not looking for progressives who can only repeat Democratic talking points on MSNBC and other progressive channels, but candidates who speak their mind and educate the voters on the issues. Challenging each other in a productive way, like college students do at reputable universities, is healthy, not just simply being a rallying point for Democrats vs. the GOP.
  • The Knowledge Democrats movement is about knowledge and inclusiveness. Although we are progressive Democrats for the most part, we don't shut off input from other people who disagree with us or are from third parties like the Green Party. It's important to keep the dialog going to make people less afraid of the Democratic Party and more willing to strengthen it over time. While it's important to support those who have the momentum and are are always promoted, we also are strong supporters of the "Underdog Democrat," the one who has the least amount of attention. We shall strive to promote all the candidates who fit our profile, whatever the level (local, county, state or federal), with no regard as to how "red" a district might be. If a Democrat running for office has a low profile, we don't mind so long as this person is willing to share ideas as far as how to productively bring about change.
  • The Knowledge Democrats movement is about taking actions and not just about talking. Whatever little we may be able to achieve, we'd rather achieve it than simply moaning and complaining about the current state of affairs. Every time wasted is an additional minute or hour that could be spent on voter registration, awakening the progressive community and keeping people engaged. Put together, each of our little drop of action will merge together to create, over time, a large flow of change.

Ongoing campaigns

Taxpayer-Funded Pension Disclosure Act

The Taxpayer-Funded Pension Disclosure Act may infringe on federal retirees' right to privacy and may expose them to identity theft. Join the campaign to oppose this bill.


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* What are the goals and strategies of the Knowledge Democrats movement?