How to organize a book structure (outline)

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A book outline represents the structure of a book. It is a way to arrange different web pages (wiki pages, personal book pages, etc.) into a logical order, divided into sections and sub-sections.

Personal books

Once an administrator has set up your now Personal Book, you can start editing your book's home page (i.e. cover page).
You can also start adding pages to your book by following the link "Add child Personal Book Page" at the bottom of your book's home page.
You can arrange your book into section and sub-sections.

As examples of what can be achieved with a Personal Book, see:

Book outline

Provided you have the necessary permissions to do so (if you don't, ask!), you can arrange the outline of a book by editing individual pages.

  1. Click on the Edit tab of a page you want to move around (node/nnnn/edit).
  2. Below the page Body textarea, click on 'Book outline' to open the collapsed form.
  3. Change:
    1. Book: the book the page belongs to. Usually, this does not need to be changed.
    2. Weight: by default, pages in the same section (at the same level) are ordered in alphabetical order of title. If this ordering is not appropriate, you can change the weight of individual items. You can control the ordering of the pages at the same level by adjusting the weight of each page.
    3. Parent item: this allows you to move the page to a different section of the book, thus giving you control of the overall structure.
    4. [moderators only] Content type for child pages: this usually should not be changed.
    5. [moderators only] Preferred depth for table of contents display: this allows control of how many levels a visitor will see in the book's table of content. "1" would only display the direct sub-sections. "2" would display sub-sections and sub-sub-sections, etc.
  4. Save the page.