How to get started with my Personal Book?

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See this article first:

Some trusted members have the opportunity to post Personal book pages. Such pages carry the author information, but are not dated. The system will assume that the content of those pages will remain relevant forever, and represent the best thoughts that a person has on the topic addressed within the page.

See this blog entry about Personal Books:

Personal books are where members can express the best of themselves. They can be considered as a safe haven, especially for people who hold a minority opinion. However, like all the content on this site, they are subject to site and community regulations.

To start adding content to this book, follow the link that reads "Add child Personal Book Page".

You may want to keep the first book page as a kind of 'book cover', or table of contents. This way, you can add any number of pages, sections and sub-sections to your book, as you find things to share.

To give you an idea, see what Fred did with his book:

See the "How to?" section in the help handbook:
in particular: