Who are the Forgotten Ones?

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The Forgotten Ones are probably the most miserable people on this Earth and who are largely neglected by the media of the rich countries.
They are the people whose desperate cries are too distant to be heard.
They are the people without any access to any modern technologies, especially, crucially, computers and the internet.
They are the orphans and the handicapped children forgotten in some East Europe orphanage.
They are the starving people is some sub-Saharan countries.
They are the children who are born, raised and who spend their whole youth in some long-term refugee camp.


Malcom Gladwell, a staff writer at The New Yorker, devotes half of his best seller, " Outliers The Story of Success", explaining that opportunity plays a critical role for success. Indeed, as he clearly demonstrates, opportunity is as important as personal merit, if not even more so.

The Forgotten Ones are those who were completely deprived of all the opportunities that we take for granted in life (e.g. basic human rights, access to education, to information, to counselling) though through no fault of their own.