Skills: volunteer your skills for our cause

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We need people with varying and specific set of skills.

Help us complete the list.

Video editing

Can you make a video interview of influential people in your area?
Can you help others with video editing?
Let us know!

Writing and Editing

We need some people with writing and editing skills for:
- helping with the way things are written in this wiki! ;)
- helping with providing sample letters for:
- writing articles to post on various internet forums, blogs, activist/progressive web sites, etc.

Alison: "I'm an artist, but also a writer and editor."

Sarah DeLe: I'm an educator (almost college professor) working on my PhD in Rhetoric. Contact me at

Vincent Okwuanya ‏@Tovincentokwy : Freelance writer:

Artists / designers


We need graphic designers to design nice poster for each and every march event to #BringBackOurGirls. Check full listing here: Most don't have a poster.
Depending on time, skills and inspiration, the design can be either very simple or more elaborate.
The design may be based on a common template with different text for each march. Better: to differentiate each poster, they could be customized for each city (with landmarks from the city?). This would be useful to allow users judge whether they have already seen each poster.


We need graphic designers, artists to create whatever may help bring a message across
- on the internet (see: )
- during demonstrations

Alison: "I'm an artist, but also a writer and editor."
Preethi ‏@preethidesigner
Amy ‏@amyswapp