Facebook & Other activist networks

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We are all working towards a common goal.
Here is the list of known networks of activists working towards the liberation of the Nigerian girls:

Worldwide demonstrations

For demonstrations in every country and every city, see here: http://en.minguo.info/wiki/forgotten/schoolgirls/demonstrations .


https://twitter.com/BringGirlsBack is the home base for this wiki.
https://twitter.com/rescueourgirls is coordinating efforts with us.
See also: http://en.minguo.info/wiki/forgotten/schoolgirls/twitter


Facebook groups to follow:

Twitter - Facebook - minguo liaison officers

We need people who can act as liaison between the Twitter group and the Facebook one. We need a volunteer. Contact us here or at Twitter @BringGirlsBack .
People who are part of the Facebook group should feed this wiki with the latest action plans.

Basically, both groups need to be aware of each other.
We want to add to our wiki all of the action points of the Facebook group. We need someone to publicize the efforts by the Twitter community in the Facebook group.

We are not in a competition of twitter vs facebook. Both groups should work hand in hand to have an impact.

so we need at least one, maybe more people who can act as liaison between our wiki, our twitter group and the facebook group.

Possible volunteer: