Reactions by the Nigerian authorities to the Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping

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If the lack of initial coverage by the western media is really outrageous, the response (or lack thereof) by the Nigerian authorities is outright shocking.

Initial reaction

For weeks after the kidnapping, it was unclear how many schoolgirls were actually kidnapped.

President Jonathan was still organizing political rallies 2 weeks after the kidnapping.

Then, over two weeks after the abduction, on the 2nd May, President Jonathan, at long last, set up Presidential Committee:
We can only guess that all the protests at home and those being planned abroad to #BringBackOurGirls have finally pressured the Nigerian government to step up their efforts in their search for the girls.

Reactions to offers of help from abroad

For weeks, the Nigerian government had refused help from abroad. However, under pressure, they eventually relented and accepted help from the UK, USA, France and Israel.

Reactions to peaceful protests at home

PRESS RELEASE June 3: Response to Purported Ban on All Protests on the Chibok Girls in FCT by Police Commissioner.


The names of over 200 kidnapped girls being compiled only 2 weeks after:

This investigative report has interesting details of the government's action:
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The New York Times 23 May 2014: "Nigeria’s Army Hampers Hunt for Abducted Schoolgirls" 24 May 2014: ‘N489m Nigerian-made drone not fit for Sambisa operations’

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