Liaison between activist groups

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For maximum efficiency, it is very important to have good liaison officers between ourselves and other activist groups.
augustin blogged about it earlier: It's time for the droplets to coalesce into a big river

It's a good thing that many groups, channels, web sites, activists network have appeared to #BringBackOurGirls. But we must be aware of each other, and coordinate efforts for greatest impact!

Liaison people preferably are:
- dependable.
- organized.
and must be registered in this site.


- as many liaisons as there are groups working on this issues, so *many* volunteers required.

Liaison with local organisers

It'd be nice to have a liaison person for each city to:
- Make sure the database of events in that city is kept up to date.
- In general coordinate the content of relevant sections of the wiki with what's happening on the ground.
- Make sure that after each demonstration, links to local media coverage, links to tweets with pictures of the event are added next to the event in the wiki. Write up a small report: atmosphere, turnout, media presence, etc.
- Make sure this wiki links to any other resources (e.g. facebook channels) related to local activist groups.
- Make sure we are all aware of each other and coordinate efforts, etc.
- In short, make sure that we are effective enough so that we can #BringOurGirlsHome.