Women's rights in Nigeria

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Here is a laundry list of items to do but that are not being done for lack of manpower. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

- Contact individual charities and NGO and ask them whether they are active on the ground in Nigeria and if so, how far North in the country (which Nigerian province).

- Look for other charities empowering girls and women and add them to the list below.

- Contact individual charities and ask them whether they have experience acting in areas where security is a concern. What could be done to improve women's status? What resources would be required?

- Generally speaking, it is not enough to list education charities on this page. We need to figure out which is in a position to help. Even if they are not active in Nigeria, do they have experience in other parts of the world in a similar situation and can they help provide expertise, advice etc.

- Do some research and look for important statistics regarding women status in NE Nigeria and present them here. Some key information can be extracted from news articles.

- We need to improve this page (and others), reorganise the information.

Girls right to education

Check our wiki page on education.

Women's rights


Women's health


Charities and NGOs

http://care.org/ http://www.careinternational.org.uk/ @CARE @careintuk "CARE fights global poverty with an emphasis on empowering women and girls with education, and maternal health and microfinance resources!"

http://www.femageworld.org/ @femage "In the world today women from minority backgrounds are the highest victims of domestic abuse and other forms of social degradation due to inherited cultural stereotypes. Our objective is to assist victims determine their own future and work to empower."

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