Nigerian Justice and law enforcement system

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"How to fight Boko Haram and rebuild Nigeria"
-> mentions criminal justice, forensic science, etc.

Failures of Nigerian Federal government

The Nigerian Federal government has had the policy to take into custody the wives and family members of Boko Haram members, thus exacerbating the tension between the two sides. On May 19th, Boko Haram expressed its willingness to release some of the schoolgirls in exchange of members of their family held captive by the government. See: B/Haram may release over 100 girls next week:

“Contrary to the public rejection of any swap deal by the Nigerian government, there are some on-the-ground talks taking place,” the source said, adding that “an agreement was reached about two or three days ago in principle to start releasing some prisoners.”

He said among the prisoners that the group wanted released would be wives and families of Boko Haram fighters, some of whom had been taken into custody by the Nigerian government in order to exert emotional pressure on the fighters.


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