Extremist insurgency: Boko Haram

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The Nigerian civil war was very violent and political power is uneasily shared between largely Christian/traditional south Nigeria (in charge for longtime) and the largely Muslim north (more neglected and poor).


Council on Foreign Relations [05 May 2014]: Boko Haram

Nigerian government handling of the insurrection

The Nigerian government took into custody wives and family members of Boko Haram militants:

"Contrary to the public rejection of any swap deal by the Nigerian government, there are some on-the-ground talks taking place," the source said. "An agreement was reached about two or three days ago in principle to start releasing some prisoners."

He said that among the prisoners that the group wanted released would be wives and families of Boko Haram fighters, some of whom have been taken into custody by the Nigerian government in order to exert emotional pressure on the fighters themselves. "The group also has a list of lower-level fighters that it wants released as well, but they are not high-profile ones," the source added.

Boko Haram funding

New Scientist suggests part funding from illegal ivory trade.
New Scientist 17 May volume 222 number 2969 page 10 and 11: "Meanwhile Nigeria's Boko Haram is targeting elephants in Cameroon".

Nigerian Summit in Paris

French president Hollande held a summit in Paris Saturday 17th May with representatives from Nigeria, Nigerian neighbouring countries, UK and USA to discuss the security situation in Nigeria.

Hollande said about Boko Haram that the weapons come from Libya but they must investigate more about funding sources.

Conclusions du "Sommet de Paris pour la sécurité au Nigeria"

Nigeria : le sommet de Paris déclare la guerre à Boko Haram

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