Underlying issues / Long term action

This is a collectively editable wiki page. Be bold and improve it by adding any relevant information you may have.

The schoolgirl kidnapping is only one criminal event among a long series of violent attacks. This section of the wiki is to start thinking about the underlying causes of this atrocity. Not only we have to bring the girls back, but we also need to make sure it does not happen again!

We need: researchers, people on the ground (Nigerians), wiki editors, etc.

Then we need a list of possible ideas on how to address each specific issue. You may discuss your personal opinions in the blog section, then link to your blog entry in the wiki. Then we can edit the wiki to progressively elaborate a long-term action plan.

We need to properly analyse the systemic issues, explain and list them here. Then we need to put pressure on key people to make sure those issues are addressed.