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Verifying Images

There are many photographs floating around the internet claiming to be of the recently kidnapped girls. Some of them may not be of the Chibok girls, but from other past tragedies. Here is a simple way to verify the source of an image. Please do this before sharing images
Via @adefunke on Twitter:
1. Copy the URL of the image. (Right click the image and select "Copy Link Address" for Mac or "Copy Image URL" for PC.
2. Navigate in your browser to Click on the camera icon next to the search box to search for the image.
3. Paste the copied link in the search box and hit "search by image." 9 times out of 10 the image will be from some unrelated yet equally appalling incident.
4. Share this information with others

Wrong Pictures of Guinea-Bissau Girls

Some of the most widely circulated images associated with this campaign are not of the kidnapped girls, and are not of Nigerian girls at all. Three photos of girls have been posted thousands of times, were on this page, and were shared by the BBC. Please know the images were used without permission of the subjects and the photographer. Know the real story of these images, and of the girls in them:
Please consider the distribution of any images and consider that while it is for a good cause, the damage it can bring to unwillingly become the face of a campaign you are not a part of.

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