Updating the 'demonstrations' database

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Duty rota

Ideally, each event organiser should update the wiki database of demonstrations themselves, or assign someone to do it. Unfortunately, this is the exception rather than the rule.

Instead, we must rely on a very small team of volunteers to keep an eye for new events and update them.

Given a handful of people, there must be a way to nicely spread the workload in a way that there is no duplication of labour.

Our main source of information is https://www.facebook.com/bringbackourgirls/events

You may use the space below to organize a rota-duty, whereby each volunteer takes on the responsibility of updating events for a particular day.

May 14th: volunteer name
May 15th: Already updated by @UncannyVal, sorry if @rarestar07 was also doing!
May 16th: @UncannyVal
May 17th: @rarestar07
May 18th: augustin
May 19th: augustin
May 20th: @rarestar07
May 21st: augustin
May 22nd:@rarestar07
May 23rd: augustin
May 24th: @UncannyVal
May 25th:
May 26th:

New database of events

Beware: the new demonstration database plugin has been quickly developed very recently for our current purposes. It is not mature and is still limited in many ways. One such limitation is that we cannot alter the date/time once the event is submitted So make sure to get it right the first time!

For the time being, ignore events already entered. Once the events have been re-entered, augustin will merge the two lists, combining all the accumulated information.

Check the location exists

To enter an event, the corresponding city must exist in the database first. Most locations are already entered but few are missing.
Assuming the location (city) already exists, the events themselves must be entered, following a specific format.

Go to any country in our demonstration wiki, e.g.
and use the red box to navigate to the proper city.
If the city does not exist, ask augustin to create it (I'll show you later how to do it, but it's a bit tricky and it's easy to make a mistake).

Events to enter

Start from this list:
Coordinate first with augustin to know which date's events to enter.
The system is designed so that it's much easier to enter all the events for a particular date at the same time. So, work in chronological order.

Browse to proper location

Provided the city exists, browse to it and click on [Go!] next to the city name. You can now see the list of events already entered for that city.

You should see a link in the red box saying, e.g. for Carson: "Create new event in Carson, CA". Click on that link to create a new event.

Create event

When creating an event, the system will automatically suggest a title for the new event wiki page.
The main things to change in the title are:
- the date (obviously)
- Title the term "rally" => take your queue from the event organizers, see how they themselves describe the event. It could be a "march" a "vigil" a "prayer meeting", a "moment of silence", a "schoolgirl march", etc.

Date: The date must be changed in 2 places:
1) in the title, as explained above.
2) in the calendar select box.
Beware: this plugin has been quickly developed very recently for our current purposes. It is not mature and is still limited in many ways. One such limitation is that we cannot alter the date/time once the event is submitted So make sure to get it right the first time!

Time: use 24h clock: To enter the time next to the calendar select box, use the 24h clock. E.g. for 3:30pm, enter 15:30.

events details For each event, first copy/paste at the top of the wiki page the links to our sources.
Remove unnecessary bits,
e.g. don't copy this:
but shorten the link to this:

Warning: Preview does not work and may revert the values to default values, not those you entered. This will be fixed later, but until then, do not use preview when creating a new event.

Then copy/paste the key information, usually 3 lines with the date, time, address of the rally.
Lastly, copy/paste all available information on the facebook event page. Click on "See more..." at the very bottom of the page.
Delete redundant information.

As examples, check all the following events to get a feel on how to format each event.

Creating new locations

Creating a new location in the Database is very, very easy but a few things must be considered first:

Is a new location really needed

We are dividing down to the city/municipality level, not lower.
Always check wikipedia first to see whether a location is indeed a municipality or part of one.

- University events are listed within the municipality the university is located.
- This Queens rally is listed under New York City.
- This Hillbrow rally is listed under .Johannesburg.
- This Brixton vigil is listed under London.

In such cases, simply use the title field of the event to clearly advertise where the event is taking place, as in the above examples.

Timezone considerations

It is important to get the timezone right.

The bad news is that we use the very thorough but very abstruse IANA Timezone Database. It is accurate but it's sometimes very hard to figure out which timezone name to use for a specific location. It sometimes requires a fair amount of research on wikipedia and other sources to ascertain which timezone to use. In doubt, let augustin handle it.

The good news is that in most cases, you don't even need to worry at all about the timezone. If you add a city within a smaller country like UK which has a single timezone, then you have nothing to do. The system will automatically select the appropriate timezone which is, for a city anywhere in the UK, "Europe/London".

General rule

You can add any city in existing European countries (except Russia!) and not worry about timezones and it will be 100% accurate.
You can add any city within an existing US state and not worry about timezones and it will be almost but not quite 100% accurate.

In other cases, some research is required. You may leave augustin handle it if you prefer.

Let's consider a few specific cases:

Countries within a single timezone

For smaller countries which already exist within the database and which entirely lie within a single timezone, you have nothing to worry about. When you add a new city, the proper timezone will be automatically selected.


Most US states are pretty straight-forward and lie within a single timezone. There are some very notable exceptions like Indiana which is the messiest place in the world as far as timezones are concerned. In any case, you can add any city within an existing state and 99% of the time, the timezone will be right.

Adding a new US state not yet present in the database must be handled like adding a new country: the state's (main) timezone must be ascertained.


Canadian provinces are like US states: some are straightforward, some are a bit messier. Anyway, for some unknown reasons, augustin has not divided Canada into provinces. So for each new city added, the province and the city's timezone must be ascertained.

South Africa

Same as Canada.


Same as Canada.

New country

To add a new country, the timezone must be ascertained first. It is usually in the form Continent/Biggest_city in the country.

Adding the location

When creating a new wiki page for a location, there are only four fields to edit:

1- the title: for a new country, write "Demonstrations in ...", for a city simply write the city's name. For US cities add the State like this: "Los Angeles, CA". For Canadian cities, add the province. Generally speaking follow the example of other cities in the same country.

2- the new location field: same as in title.

3- timezone: in easy cases, you won't have to edit it at all. See above.

4- URL path settings: Uncheck "Generate automatic URL alias" and complete the alias "wiki/forgotten/schoolgirls/demonstrations/" by appending the city's name.
Important guidelines:
- use only lower case letters and underscores. Nothing else!
- do not use spaces, hyphens, capital letters, etc.
- for US cities, append the abbreviation for the state, e.g. wiki/forgotten/schoolgirls/demonstrations/log_angeles_ca
- generally speaking, follow the example set by existing places.
- the path cannot end with a forward slash /. Leaving the default "wiki/forgotten/schoolgirls/demonstrations/" is wrong. You must append the city's name.

Adding a new country

When adding a new country, there is another step to do to add the country within the outline so that it's visible from the main listing here: http://en.minguo.info/wiki/forgotten/schoolgirls/demonstrations
You can let augustin handle that step.