Organise your own demonstration

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Why organize a march?

234 Nigerian girls being kidnapped for doing what girls their age ought to do (going to school!) is not a Nigerian matter. It concerns the whole of Humanity. There is no reason why only Nigerians should take to the streets and march in protest. We need to get marches (even very small ones!!) started all over the planet.

Let's hope that the poor girls get released or are freed before we get a chance to hit the streets. But we cannot assume it will be so. If they do get out from this nightmare alive, imagine the long term psychological trauma that they will have to deal with! Let's warm their heart by demonstrating to them that the whole world cared about them. When they get out of this (and we certainly hope that they do), our demonstration of Love may well help them heal their psychological wounds.

We plan to develop this section giving simple advice on organizing your own little demonstration in your local community. Think big but start small!

Organize small marches

Do not think that you need a million people to sign up to make any march worthwhile. Organize a march in your city, then bring your friends and family around: half a dozen people are enough to start with. Advertise the event here and on every web site you are a member in. Who knows: maybe others will join. A few people can inform many passer-bys. The most important is that we get a report after the event: we need to show the world that many people cared in many cities around the world. See the next section.

Report about the marches

We absolutely need your reports on all the marches you participate in. Take pictures. Write a small blog report, either on this site or anywhere else. Post pictures here or on Flickr or on Tumblr. Post videos in youtube. Importantly: make sure that everything you post is listed in the appropriate place in this wiki.

How to organise a vigil (UK)

It is really simple to organise a vigil as there are no legal requirements and you don't need to inform the council or the police (although you can if you want to). A vigil is just about people coming together in solidarity - it is a peaceful and reflective demo.

Three steps:
1. Pick a date, time and place. A city centre location works best so that you can raise awareness to people passing by.
2. Publicity - tell as many people as possible. Social media is a great way of doing that and if you tweet at accounts with lots of followers, you can reach many people. Create a Facebook event and invite people you know. If you have time, you can also create a poster and other publicity materials.
3. Turn up! Bring candles, maybe glow sticks, posters and signs. You can also create flyers about the cause to give to people passing by to spread awareness of the cause.

There isn't really much that you need to do for a basic vigil - just tell people and it's likely you'll get some even if not a large number. Important thing to do is take the initiative and reach out to people if you need any support/advise.

Other sources

Other sources: (visit to print placards)

Resources to Review when Planning an Event:
Best to always pay attention to the source carefully while planning, note-Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy & Purpose- to make sure the info isn't too dated, the author isn't overly bias, and their aims match ours-creating a successful event! [I've tried to weed out the nefarious sources trying to sell us something, but I built 2/3s of this from lecture notes-and in the class I present material from many a source I wouldn't touch at home...not judging, just noting a fact!]

California specific: (2010, check for currency of info if legal matters are a concern)

New York specific:

Washington (State) specific:

Canadian Sources:


South Africa:
Braamfontein, Johannesburg specific-

On What History has Taught us About Preparedness and the Unexpected:
Demonstrations should be a variety of things-they should never again be this.