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10 am: TURIN RALLY 17 May 2014
Turin, Italy from Porta Susa to Piazza Castello
9.30: Gather at Porta Susa
10.00: Departure from Porta Susa
10.45: Arrival at Piazza Castello
11.00: Speeches and voices calling for #BringBackOurGirls #RiportateciLeNostreRagazze

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Passes through Via Cernaia and Via Pietro Micca
Rally callying for the Nigerian Government to do more to find the kidnapped school girls and for support to their families:
Associazione Iroko /CATW Italy, in collaboration with Let's Begin Italy and other organisations will hold a rally on Saturday 17/05/2014 at 10 am in Turin, Italy in solidarity with the Nigerian people and with families of the girls kidnapped from their school at Chibok, Nigeria. The Rally will depart from Porta Susa at 10 am to Piazza Castello, will pass through Via Cernaia and Via Pietro Micca. Please share widely. Thank you.
Esohe Aghatise

L'Associazione Iroko/CATW Italia in collaborazione con altre associazioni organizza un corteo a Torino in solidarità con il popolo nigeriano e con i familiari delle ragazze rapite a Chibok in Nigeria. Il corteo partirà da Porta Susa alle ore 10 di sabato 17/05/2014 per Piazza Castello passando per Via Cernaia e Via Pietro Micca. Siete pregati di diffondere questa notizia e chi vuole aderire è pregato di contattarmi. Grazie. Esohe Aghatise


Thursday 15 May

19h45, RALLY in ROME, near the Colosseum.

Accorriamo numerosi e facciamo sentire la nostra voce a sostegno delle 230 ragazze nigeriane!

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Tuesday 13 May
Event coordinator: Donatella Arzedi

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