Contacting influential people

This is a collectively editable wiki page. Be bold and improve it by adding any relevant information you may have.


Twitting to politicians, charities, NGOs, celebrities, etc. does not work. They simply do not see the tweets. To contact them efficiently, one must send them a proper letter or at least an email.

Letter Writing / phone

Whether by email or by snailmail or by a direct phone call, we need to reach out to people who by their position have more power and who may be in position to put the right amount of pressure on key individuals.

We need help to:
- make a list of all the different types of people we could contact.
- provide sample letters others could copy or sample requests that one caller could make on the phone.
- get a list of people who have actually contacted such powerful people and document the response that they got.

Nigerian government

If you are Nigerian and/or in Nigeria, you can use this wiki to document what you'd like other locals to do.

If you are not in Nigeria, we can still put pressure on the Nigerian government through their Embassies in your countries.
- we need a list of such embassies.
- we need sample letters to write / sample requests to make.
- we need to encourage each other. If you wrote/phoned, let us know you did and let us know the reply you got. Remember: a tweet is ephemeral; it's much better to clearly lay the information within the wiki.

Other governments

We, as non Nigerian, can still do plenty.
Our respective government have diplomatic relationship with Nigeria. As such, they are in position to exert pressure, offer help.

We need you help to exactly document here:
- whom we could contact (depending on each country).
- in what capacity the people we contact should be able to help, how?
- what to demand?

Again, your help is needed to develop this wiki.

How other governments can help

It is important to know how other governments could help. It helps us to make concrete demands when reaching out to politicians and public officials. The following list is a rough outline. Your help is welcome to improve and expand it:

Other governments could help Nigeria with:
- technical expertise.
- intelligence gathering.
- ?

The problem is that there is no evidence that any of those were already provided.

Other government could pressure Nigeria to:
- implement an action plan to solve social inequalities (especially between South and North, between Muslim communities and Christian communities). Such social inequalities are the source of this tragedy. See: Nigeria systemic issues.


Ask the executive in your country (president, prime minister, etc.) to:
- offer help to Nigeria.
- demand that the Nigerian government step up their efforts.


Contact your MP, MEP, Representative, Senator, etc.

Ask them to put the same kind of pression on the executive.

Police forces / Secret services

Demand if/how much Interpol is involved.
To what extent secret services who may be present in Nigeria/neighbouring countries could trace back the whereabouts of girls who may or may not have already been sold as brides.


Wherever we live in the world, we must put pressure on our respective media to increase their coverage of the schoolgirl abduction. Our action must go well beyond Twitter or other social media to have an actual result and positively impact the lives of those whom we seek to help. Soon, more details about what we can do together.

Newspaper articles are not enough. We need a more widespread TV coverage.
What media to target will depend:
- on the country.
- on our own headcount: if there are many of us from the same country, how can we focus our effort on a single media outlet in order to get the best results? Then the other media outlets will follow suit.

Supra-national entities

Think about:
- United Nations.
- European Council and European parliament.
- Interpol.

Religious leaders

One group of people I have very little heard from are the religious leaders: whatever their faith, have they commented upon the issue?
What you can do:
- visit the priest or the pastor of your local parish, your rabbi, your imam, etc. Do not ambush them but simply ask them if they'd be willing to come forward and denounce 1) the crimes against the poor girls 2) the lack of response by all the powerful people (media, officials) mentioned above?
- make a video of their declaration (post on youtube) / write a blog entry about it (post here or elsewhere and list in appropriate place in wiki).


Which charities have come forward and commented on the abduction?
We need more people to research this and many other points above.
Which charity is in a position to help?
Which charity should have made a statement but hasn't yet?

By Country


Write to your US Senator: