How can I help?

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How can you help? We're glad that you asked the question.

1 hour a month

Are you able to dedicate one (1) hour a month to this project? Our first goal is to build up a community of contributors who are willing to donate as little as one hour of their time on a monthly basis in order to develop the project. Individually, it's not much. Together, we can build something strong.


First, spend time to read about the project and its objectives. Most importantly, spend some time to read about the Forgotten Ones themselves, their plight. It is important to understand the root causes of the problem if we want to find a lasting solution.


Social media

The Forgotten Ones project is about helping those who are usually forgotten and rarely talked about in the media. What we can do is be the Voice of the Forgotten Ones. Talk about them to people around you. Use your social media, your blogs, etc to write about them.


This project is wiki-based. To reach its full potential, we need your help to improve the content of the wiki so that it becomes more informative, a rallying point for good-hearted people who want to help.


Help us document solutions. Solutions can fall into several categories: short term relief, long term systemic changes, etc. They are complementary. Maybe you have ideas of your own: let us know.

Start by browsing the Solutions section of the Forgotten Ones project wiki.