Electoral reform in Washington State

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In Washington State, currently only one activist group is known.

In 2005 and 2006, they were rallying behind State Representative Nixon to promote Condorcet , a.k.a IIRV, for the state legislature.

Here is a quote for the group's homepage:

Our vision is to see IRRV (Instant Round Robin Voting, aka Condorcet's method) enacted and used successfully at or above the level of a US state or its foreign equivalent.

In 2005, then- state representative Toby Nixon planned to introduce IRRV legislation for the state of Washington in the 2006 session. Since WA had lost yet another electoral system to unconstitutionality, and since WA House rep Nixon was the ranking minority member on the relevant committee that would rewrite it, his intent was most auspicious.

Representative Nixon asked for a Condorcet (IRRV) "think tank". Its mission was to:

1) Recruit knowledgeable voting methods analysts and activists, including some WA state residents.

2)Winnow the field of voting methods fitting Condorcet's criterion

3) Neatly describe one practical proposal

4) Review staff translation into "statutory language"

5) Politely educate Washington State's decision makers (legislators and key lobbyists) throughout the legislative process

For those purposes, I created this Condorcet Yahoo group, and representative Nixon subscribed. We assembled our "think tank" and completed the next two goals. Unfortunately, legislative committee "leadership" thwarted the 2006 attempt to put IRRV on the calendar, and then Mr Nixon lost his 2006 bid for a state senate seat, effectively cutting this group adrift.

We are now in limbo pending a revised mission. We can still review statutory language if we can find an expert source (and former rep Nixon remains subscribed). We could also apply ourselves to any other IRRV initiative or legislative project in any jurisdiction or representational organization.

We were (and could again be) more than just a discussion, especially if Mr. Nixon returns to office. If you share our vision and can revitalize our mission, then please join this *work* group.

If you are interested in being active in Washington, you can contact the group owner, Jeffry R. Fisher (from Vancouver WA).