Electoral reform in the USA

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The following are web sites that are promoting better voting systems across the USA:

  • The Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates: This declaration, signed by election-method experts from around the world, publicly denounces the use of plurality voting in governmental elections. They recommend Approval voting, most of the Condorcet methods, Majority Judgment, and Range voting.
  • scorevote.com provides a list of resources about Score Voting (#ScoreVoting on twitter).
  • The Democracy Chronicles: a 24/7 Internet newspaper focused on the ongoing effort to establish, and strengthen free and fair elections across the globe.
  • The Center for Range Voting: it is a great, very active web site with plenty of information on various election related topics.
  • The Center for Election Science: a nonpartisan organization dedicated to the scholarship of group decision making and election systems. They advocate Score and Approval Voting for single-winner elections.
  • The Citizens for Approval voting (see the official handbook). They are currently not very active but they have a nice informational web site.