Electoral reform in Colorado

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The following concerns the Colorado Voter Choice:

Here is an introduction by Jan Kok:

Colorado state representative John Kefalas is leading efforts to adopt
better voting methods in Colorado for state and federal-level
elections. He sponsored the Voter Choice Act HB07-1162 which would
have created a committee to study voting methods and run pilot
projects in some local elections in 2010. That bill was killed due to
lack of funding. However, Kefalas has created a Voter Choice Task
Force to study various voting methods and make recommendations to the
2008 General Assembly. The first monthly meeting has been held.

I've been working with Kefalas since about Dec '06. Kefalas is mainly
interested in IRV, however, I persuaded him to include Approval and
Range Voting among the voting methods to be considered in the Voter
Choice Act and by the task force. I'm a member of the task force. I'm
pushing as hard as I can to get Approval Voting (which I am now
calling "vote for one or more" to stress the utter simplicity of the
idea) used in the Nov 2008 Colorado state and federal-level elections.
At this time I seem to be the lone voice calling for this. I would
love to have more people, especially Coloradoans, promoting this idea.
Of course it would be great to get this idea (vote for one or more in
Nov 2008 elections) moving in other states as well. (How about New
Hampshire? Any Free Staters listening?)

The Google group http://groups.google.com/group/COVoterChoice is
dedicated to discussing voting reform in Colorado. Please feel free to
join the group or link to it.

From the Colorado Voter Choice discussion group homepage:

his group is for discussions relating to Colorado State Representative John Kefalas' Voter Choice Act, HB07-1162. Although the bill was killed (for want of $25,000 to fund associated costs), a Voter Choice Task Force has met in June, 2007 and will continue to meet monthly. The Task Force will study several voting methods for possible use in Colorado elections, and make recommendations to the 2008 Assembly.

This Google group has no official status. One of the task force members (Jan Kok) will forward communications among task force members to this group. The general public may join this Google group and post messages. Some of those messages may be relayed back to the Task Force members, at the discretion of those Task Force members who also belong to this Google group.

The task force will study these voting methods, and possibly others, for implementation by 2010:
Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) a.k.a. Ranked Choice Voting (RCV): http://FairVote.org/irv
Approval Voting a.k.a. "Vote for one or more" (also being proposed for 2008): http://ApprovalVoting.com, http://ApprovalVoting.org, http://RangeVoting.org/Approval.html
Range Voting: http://RangeVoting.org
Proportional Representation (which includes many methods): http://www.fairvote.org/?page=37, http://rangevoting.org/PropRep.html

See also this article by Jan Kok at denver.yourhub.com: 2008 election fiasco is preventable.