Electoral reform

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What is this section for?

In the pages listed below, you will find information about electoral reform advocacy groups who are actively promoting better voting systems.
If you know of more information that is not here, let us know and we will add them (or you can do it yourself: see below).

Why this directory?

The members currently agree to use this web site to Promote better voting systems.

Also, creating a directory of relevant USA action groups is a good practical way to pursue this aim.

How can you participate?

If you are interested in contributing information to this directory, or in editing some of the pages therein to make them more complete and accurate, you can manifest your interest in the forums.

Currently there is no democratic mechanism for granting more rights (like the right to create and edit the pages in this handbook) to some members. When the site becomes more active, with more contributing members, the members themselves could decide on a reasonable procedure to allow some/many of them to have more rights without compromising security.