Election Methods project

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Election Methods project

This project examines alternative Election Methods that correct the well-known flaws of Plurality Voting, with focus on research, practical demonstrations, policies, outreach and education.

Practical Democracy

A bottom-up political process built on reason rather than emotion, focused on careful examination of candidates before they are elected.

Polling station

The members of this site each have their own Polling Station to keep track of ongoing polls, changes in results and of whether they have already voted or not.

Election Methods project

The Election Methods project is the main project hosted at this site. This is the project's home page.


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Election Methods

We aim to cover all the Election Methods that exist:

Weighted methods

Approval Voting, Range Voting, Emocracy, etc.

Ranked methods

Condorcet and its many variants, IRV, etc.


Other solutions, such as Practical Democracy.

Share your expertise

As a member of this site, you may have a personal book where you can share your area of expertise in details.


We also want to facilitate collaborative research. We provide the tools for Election Method advocates to research solutions and promote them together.


Help us complete our map of worldwide policy initiatives and legislative efforts to introduce better election methods in public elections. See below for those we are already aware of.

Demonstration and outreach

This site implements: Plurality voting, Approval voting, Range Voting (range up to 100), Emocracy voting (range up to -5 ~ +5).
Use this site's polling feature to create alternate polls to use as demonstration and for advocacy purposes.

Work in progress

Feel free to add links to blog entries on work requiring community involvement.