Community projects

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This web site is the home of many projects. All projects are owned and developed by the entire community. We discuss our individual opinions; we share insights; we collaborate; we build something together, not least of which is a better world for future generations.

Community Manifesto

The Manifesto is an emerging document, collaboratively and consensually written by the members this web site. The content of the manifesto will change and evolve with time, as members contribute to it.

Les Misérables

Les Misérables Project is dedicated to Victor Hugo and his masterpiece, Les Misérables. We investigate the novel from the perspective of the author's humanity and our social activism, moving the context from 19th century France to our 21st century world.

The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones are the most miserable people on this Earth and who are largely neglected by the media and the citizens of the rich countries. We try to give them a voice and promote solutions to their plight.

Election methods

The Election Methods project examines alternative Election Methods that correct the well-known flaws of Plurality Voting, with focus on research, practical demonstrations, policies, outreach and education.

Minguo Community Project

The Minguo Community Project is where the whole community is empowered to take charge of itself and of the web site as a whole. We cover issues like technical help, web site development, content and user moderation, etc.

Mines Advisory Group (MAG)

Support this charity to the extent that we can.
* adopts a charity!.
* MAG: Mines Advisory Group.

Public Policy Project

The purpose of the Public Policy project is to collect any information on policy issues that the community might find useful or interesting. This wiki can contain references to policy papers, policy decisions and proposals as well as supporting data from anywhere in the world.

Political Discourse project

The Political Discourse project aims to enhance public discourse on matters related to policy, elections and politics in general. We try to identify what's wrong with today's level of debates, and investigate better ways to approach and take part in political discourse.

Creating a new project

If you have a great idea for a new project, share it with us: what would its scope be, its purposes, its name, etc. Explain your vision in a new discussion thread to gain some feedback first, before the project can officially be created.