Charities and NGOs active in Nigeria

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List of charities actively involved in Nigeria.

Note: there is a big difference between the South and the North of the country. The need is greatest in the north, but the security situation is worse. A charity having operations in Nigeria does not mean it operates where help is the most urgently needed.


Children / education

    Child Health Advocacy Initiative @ChildAdvocacyNG The focus of CHAI is to promote child survival in Nigeria(USAID Initiative).The coordinator is Mrs. Lola Alonge, a P.R expert and Author of Baby and Child Care.

    A World at School

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    Kechie's Project

    Twitter: @KechiesProject Their Nigeria information page:
    "Kechie's Project is a non-profit organization committed to empowering girls to become future leaders. We provide academic and social support to girls in underserved communities in America and Africa."

    SOS Children in Nigeria

    From the website: In Nigeria, around 15 million children are engaged in child labour, many in very dangerous conditions. About 360,000 children live with HIV/AIDS. The child mortality rate stands at 138 per 1,000 live births. Around 30% of children under the age of five are underweight. With SOS Children, you can help orphaned and abandoned children in Nigeria by sponsoring a child.

    Stepping Stones Nigeria

    From the website: Widespread violations of children’s rights take place throughout the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The combination of high poverty levels, environmental degradation and corruption mean that many children do not enjoy their basic rights. These include the rights to food, water, housing, health and education.

    The deeply held belief in child ‘witches’ also has a significant negative effect on children’s rights. These children often suffer frequent violations of their rights to be free from torture, violence and abuse. Children who have been stigmatised as witches are usually rejected or abandoned by their families and communities. As with other street children, this means their rights to family life, to play, to be free from economic exploitation, and to be suitably cared for are all abused. Most importantly, the killing of children who have been stigmatised as 'witches' violates one of the most important rights – the right to life.


    TY Danjuma Foundation

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    Caritas Nigeria

    @JDPCN Justice Development and Peace Caritas in Nigeria

    From the website: "Caritas Nigeria was established in September 2010 by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), as a specialized national development agency with a mandate for overall coordination of development programs for the Catholic Church in Nigeria. Although independently registered, Caritas Nigeria is an arm of the Church and Society Department of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN)." EnoughisEnough Nigeria (EiE)


    From the website: "Nigeria is one of VSO’s longest running programmes. Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa and a vibrant country with huge potential. The current areas of VSO Nigeria’s work are HIV and AIDS, education, secure livelihoods and national volunteering. VSO’s involvement in Nigeria also includes International Citizen Service youth volunteering programmes for British and Nigerian youths."