California's 49th congressional district

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The US house representative for California's 49th congressional district is Darrell Issa. He defeated Democratic candidate Jerry Tetalman.

[PDF] Full map of CA-49.

San Diego Democratic Party

Chairwoman of the Sand Diego Democratic Party: Francine Busby. Ms. Busby has been a very vocal supporter of Jerry Tetalman, the 2012 Democratic congressional candidate for the 49th district. Ms. Busby knows the 49th district very well. She actually ran in 2010 for Congress in California's 50th district, in North San Diego County, but was defeated by Republican Brian Bilbray in the general election.

Wikipedia article: Francine Busby.


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List of issues that affect the district.


Clean water and droughts. Droughts are especially a concern over the longer term.



Unemployment continues to be high in the Inland Empire of which the 49th district is part.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

The Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is completely (?) within the 49th district boundaries. Camp Pendleton is one of the largest U.S. military bases in the U.S.


Various strategies have been offered in order for Democrats to win this district: appeal to small businesses, focus on the economy, etc.

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Old map for CA-49 (2003~2012).