Document on community cooperation

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Create a document on community cooperation, highlighting our goals (promote cooperation on various community projects) and presenting the concrete tools to facilitate such cooperation,



the primary purposes of this web site are 1) discussion on policies and 2) activism, e.g. educate the web and the world about better policies, work with related NGOs and like-minded activist groups, towards the implementation of those policies.


Panoramics wrote:

Augustin, I think what is needed right now is strategies to bring about unity and cooperation so people can work together toward common goals.

I certainly agree. I have been trying for many, many years to foster a spirit of cooperation on important issues, and it is a very big personal failure that I completely failed to achieve anything significant in that regard.

Elsewhere, Panoramics also posted this image:

To which I replied:

I must insist on the together part of the message. Social activists will ever achieve anything great only by joining forces.


It seems to me cooperation requires a willingness to adjust one's views to accommodate new perspectives. For my part, I won't change my mind simply because someone disagrees with me, but when they use sound reasoning to demonstrate an error in my thinking, I learn something valuable. and I'm grateful.