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Fred & Geo,

I see that your book is slowly taking shape. Well done to you both!

Originally, it was I who created the chapter headings: "chapter 01: boot camp", "Chapter 02: Normandy", etc.
As stated before, I did this for demonstration purposes.

The heading "Chapter 03: Europe" is particularly unfortunate, because the whole book is actually about George's time in Europe. Moreover, both England (chapter 1) and Normandy France (chapter 2) are in Europe!

As stated before, I think chapter headings per country visited in chronological order (however briefly) should be easier to manage and more logical.
You may even add the time period your were in the given country.

Thus, there would be:
- Chapter 01: USA (March 1942 - November 1943)
(the dates are for illustration purposes only. Update with appropriate dates, or leave them out altogether.)
- Chapter 02: England (November 1943 - June 1944)
- Chapter 03: France (June 1944 - ?? 1944)
- Chapter 04: Belgium (?? 1944 - ?? 1944)
- Chapter 05: USA (?? 1945 - )

Then, if you need help moving pages from one chapter to another, ask me. It's a very easy procedure described in the wiki.




Thanks, Augustin

I think those are good ideas. I'll send them to George and see if we can get the dates right.



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Chapter 01 looks good.
I moved some pages to the appropriate chapters.


Thanks, again. Progress is slow, but we'll get there.



Good Afternoon, Augustin

Can I clear the page names that are marked "Reserved" to get rid of them without doing any harm?

I'd like to re-organize the work we're doing into something like this:

Background (with most of the material on the first page and some that's not posted yet)
Training in the U.S.A. (May 1942 - September 1943)
Training in England (September 1943 - June 1944) (with the material from Page 5)
Combat in Europe (June 1944 - November 1944)
Hospitalization and Marriage (December 1944 - July 1945)
Post War in Europe (August 1945 - December 1945)

The source material is not always clear, so, when fitting it in, using the 'headings' to create subsections seems much better than separate pages.



If what you want all the "Reserved" pages deleted, I'll have to do it for you.
Are you sure you won't be creating any new pages?


OK, Thanks, Augustin

Please don't delete any pages, yet. I'm not sure how all this is going to work out, so I'll keep putting stuff up and try to come up with a sensible arrangement as we go. When it's clearer, it will make sense to delete some pages.



Let me know if you want to change the outline and you don't know how to.

Excellent work on the book, by the way. Thanks George and Fred.


Thanks, very much. I've been worried about that. My current plan is to outline the structure offline first, then rename pages and update content, and then ask for help.



Don't do this.
Don't change the content just to change the outline.
We've gone through this before.
It's so much simpler to do it the right way.


Of course, the problem is that I've no idea what the right way is. I know I did something wrong before, but I'm not sure what it was or what the solution was. I'm sorry to be a problem, but just call me stupid.

I won't make any page changes.



My job is to assist you in any way I can make the most of this web site.
Things you can't do yourself, I'll gladly do it for you.
Things you can do yourself, if you don't know how to, I can show you and document it more accurately for future users.
Basically, what you did last time, is that you deleted a lot of content, to recreate it elsewhere, only because you simply wanted to change its place in the 'outline' (i.e the content hierarchy).

So, very concretely speaking, describe to me what you are trying to achieve. If you want to move a page from one location to another (e.g from one chapter to another chapter), tell me exactly which page and where you would like it to appear.

This way:
- you give me an opportunity to help you.
- you give me an opportunity to document things a bit better.
- you give yourself an opportunity to learn a new trick which you can reuse anytime later.


I'll draw up the best description I can. George's comments are extremely disjointed, so I'm not always sure where we're going, but I think I have an idea and will describe that to you, as soon as I can.



There is absolutery no hurry as far as I am concerned.
The result so far looks great!


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I saw your new page "Going Home".

Why don't you use one of the many "reserved", empty pages to create new content, instead of adding yet more new pages??


I wanted to place it at the end and was afraid the other pages were already positioned.



You are not reading what I keep telling you: it's dead easy to move pages from one place to another.
Just tell me what page you want to be moved where.


It's less a question of reading than relating. It's your environment and you're comfortable in it. I am less so. In any case, I'll let you know what we need done, as soon as possible. Right now, I'm trying to understand what George wants, so we don't do any unnecessary stuff.



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Related pages:-16390: GeorgeWeirUSA: a WWII and Normandy veteran, -16725: Going Home

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