Bombs May Not Defeat ISIS But Maybe The Internet Will

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An important, powerful short video, that is relevant to what we try here to fight falsehoods and divisive debate.

The message from the video should somehow be incorporated somewhere in our wiki...



I am in awe at the courage and dedication of those people.


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As stated in the video, some have paid with the lives for trying to get the truth out.
The least we can do is pay them our respect by fighting lies, falsehoods, divisions with truth, unity, cooperation.
Videos like these motivate me to ensure a high level of standard in this site.

We could have pages covering topics like "The Cost of Truth", and "The Cost of Falsehood" to show to future members to encourage them to respect a high level of standard.

Maybe we could put this as part of the Political Discourse project.


Words matter.
Lies have consequences.



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