Your mother was a hamster...

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#16344: Create wiki page: Ad Parente / guilt by association
"Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries."

This funny quote could be use to make a funny/inspiring poster promoting this site where... ad hominem and straw man attacks are frowned upon, but where members are encouraged to focus on the core issues and the solutions...

It's been a few days I keep thinking about this idea; so I create this ticket as a future reminder.



How's this?


That's excellent!
That's precisely the kind of effect I was hoping for!
Very nice choice of picture. :D

Thanks a lot.


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I'll update the wiki.
Next we can brainstorm how/where to use the images.


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The ideal picture to use on the Political Discoure project home page.


How is this one?




Revision with capital letters for header line.



Cool. Thanks. :)

I want to keep this issue focussed on the Hamster/Ad Hominem poster, and also on the general guidelines for the series of poster.
In my next comment, I'll propose some minor tweaks.

Once we have finalized this one, we can revisit the strawman poster:
#16377: Don't fight straw people.

I like that you anticipated my hope that we'd create a series of such posters with a common theme/design/layout.

Later (probably tomorrow), I'll post a follow up comment on the Hamster poster...


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