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Last year and earlier this year, I did a lot of preparatory work regarding the use of taxonomy on this site. One thing I never explained is how several tags can be combined to narrow down searches. I need to do this soon because in has a bearing on how Panoramics uses his blog to share news articles.
The goal is to have a long term view and make sure that what we do today will amount to something useful and interesting to future members, months or years down the line...



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Related pages:+16257: Photography

I'll explain later....


I'll explain later...


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I've updated the wiki page:
Check the section Primary objectives.

Please follow this issue. You sometimes share some interesting information in your blog. With a proper understanding of the possibilities afforded by the tagging framework and policy, you could enhance your content by making slight changes.
We are building something, laying the groundwork for the future community.


I've started writing about Tag combinations in the wiki:
It is an important thing to consider when posting new content, news items, etc. to use in your personal book pages and in discussion threads.



Let's imagine two discussion threads, one about Finland, another about Basic Income...


I have read over the information and will try my best to use tags properly.