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You probably noticed that the web site has not been consistently available over the last two weeks. For some reasons, the web server keeps crashing, necessitating a manual reboot. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I have been investigating but so far, I have not found the root cause of the problem: is it a software problem? a hardware problem? I need to conduct much more investigations to figure things out.

One problem I know the server has been facing, is the constant attack by spambots. You never see any spam on this site because I have put in place strong protection measures against spam. It is however a constant battle and a drain both on my time and on the server resources. I constantly need to monitor spambot activity and update the protection against it. Massive spambot activity also put a strain on the server. The other day, we broke a record by having over 200 new spambot "user" accounts registering in one single day. Usually, it's "only" a few dozen new accounts every day... And those bots keep hammering the server attempting to post content selling all kinds of drugs and penile devices...

All this spambot activity nearly constitutes a DDOS attack, putting a huge strain on our modest server. I am looking at this as one possible cause for the current server problems.

Although I have not decided yet, I am considering renting a new, slightly more powerful server. It would mean more expenses for me, and much more time spent installing and configuring the server, migrating relevant data, etc. But I probably ought to clearly establish the source of the problem, first.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you informed. You probably noticed the server downtime. I am aware of the problem and I do my best to resolve it. I am not sure how long it will take to figure out and fix everything, so please be patient. Thanks for your understanding.



You should start accepting donations for your site the way Wikipedia or does. I would donate to your site because it would save me the cost of having to pay for my own site.

Screenshots from

(I only go on to piss off the Dorian-types.)


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I do not condone the verbal abuse displayed in the above screenshot. We can discuss those issues elsewhere.

Back on topic: the server is fixed.


Those screenshots were just to show the overall layout of, how they organize their website, and how they accept donations. is a pro-Nazi website that allows sarcasm, name calling, and verbal abuse. I'm not saying your website should emulate those aspects. I just wanted to show some of the design elements of the website that could be of interest. is mainly political, but allows discussions on all topics from science to religion to music to athletics. When you look at Twitter feeds of the Dorian-types (sophists and alt-right), you find the same central focus on politics with no problem branching off into other fields of interest.

I'm glad is politics-centred while allowing discussion of other subjects. The Dorian-types employ this strategy in an anti-democratic direction. It's important for their to be pro-democratic mediums overlooking the same general scope of topics.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.