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I've sold a few copies of the first publication of my essay on the film Persona on and also made the content available on a previous website.

It would be better if the content was restricted to registered users because:
1) It feels weird to sell copies of the essay while providing completely open access to it.
2) I fear some students are plagiarizing the work for assignments.

Restricting certain types of content to registered users also creates incentive for people to join the minguo community.



Thanks for posting this request here. It is the right place to do so.

It will not be practical to implement it in this version of the web site, for various technical and performance reasons. In addition, the limited benefits do not justify the time required to implement it now. However, I do plan to offer a more fine-grained access framework with the next generation of minguo. I need to find as much time as possible to develop the next framework which is being done with performance and flexibility in mind. Then I will be able to offer the kind of restricted access you suggest. Unfortunately, it's not coming soon.

Meanwhile, you need to consider other options. If you want the content unpublished or deleted, you need to ask me and I'll do it.


I totally understand. Sometimes I just like brining up new ideas.


Create as many tickets as good ideas you might have for the site.
For each idea or feature request, please do mention how critical or important you believe it might be to have such or such feature sooner rather than later.