Democracy in the United States of America (USA)


People say democracy has failed, what is your alternative?

[The question was accompanied by this explanation: A lot of people believe that events like Brexit prove that democratic system is broken and provide examples of Athens executing Socrates, Election of Hitler etc, saying that old/uneducated/white/conservative people shouldn't have the right to vote. What exactly do they offer instead of status quo?]

Thoughts on the Evolution of Politics

Politics originated the first time two individuals found it necessary to negotiate an interaction between them. The stronger of the two pursued his own interest, whether or not it was to the advantage of the weaker. The political system that currently dominates world governments evolved from that point. Political leaders have always been the individuals that were able to amass the power necessary to pursue their own interest, even if it was at the expense of their contemporaries.

Whither Democracy, a Commentary on the American Political System

We are undergoing a troubling period in our political history. As Jane Mansbridge points out, "trust in government is plummeting in most developed democracies." Why is our political infrastructure a shambles that produces so few trustworthy candidates for public office? The answer lays in the foundation of democracy and the edifice we've built on that foundation.

Democracy In America

Democracy is a slowly evolving structure of government.

Is democracy the best form of government?

Before answering the question, we must understand the meaning of "democracy". It is a word whose significance has been buried under a mountain of misdirection and myth.

I take "democracy" to mean "rule by the people", but what is not made clear by that definition is how, exactly, the people practice their rule.

In the United States, the people have been persuaded that voting for a candidate nominated by a political party is democratic.

It's not!

Thoughts on Democracy

If we are to have a voice in our government, we must have a way to influence the choice of issues the government will address and the choice of the individuals we think best able to resolve them.

Fred Gohlke

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