Software to draw electoral district boundaries


Redistricting procedure in Pennsylvania

I have suggested the following changes in the redistricting procedure in Pennsylvania. Currently, the seats in the congressional delegation are drawn by an "independant commission" but its members are appointed by the leadership of the party caucuses in the two houses of the General Assembly. The 4 appointed members select one independant member. Seats in the state Senate and House of Representatives are drawn the leadership of the two major parties in the two houses themselves. There is no connection between federal House seats, state Senate seats, and state House seats.

Software to draw electoral district boundaries

The idea of an open source software to draw electoral district boundaries was mentioned by Kossack The Dead Man.

If such a software is designed and used, then it should imperatively be open source. But then, the idea does not really solve the problem: it is merely being displaced. A software is designed according to definite algorithms. We would then have at least the following two problems:

  • No specific algorithm has yet been offered.
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