Corporate Lobbying


Can we get out of the corrupt political system in the US?

The request for "an honest idea to get us out of the corrupt and useless political system we live in (US)" is a tall order. To be valid, such an idea must show that it addresses the causes of our present condition. However difficult the task, we must make the effort if we are to avoid civil disorder. My greatest fear is that we'll find ourselves in the throes of that disorder before we've done our homework - before we've reasoned our way to a sound political system that is free of the corruption and ineffectiveness that plague our present system.

Thoughts on Lobbying

A serious problem in American politics is the attack on elected officials by vested interests. In a representative democracy, representatives are not required to have any special knowledge or training. They are selected because they are believed to have the intellect and disposition to assimilate the information necessary to make sound decisions in the best interests of the people.

Thoughts on Representative Democracy

A sound implementation of Representative Democracy must capitalize on the differences between people. Plato, if not others before him, felt democracy could not work because 'ordinary people' are 'too easily swayed by the emotional and deceptive rhetoric of ambitious politicians'. He failed to note that some folks are more easily swayed than others, and that some individuals are not swayed at all. Yet, Plato's incomplete view of the people has survived through the ages and forms the cornerstone of political thought today.

Knowledge Democrate candidates should be free of ties with corporate sponsorship and lobbies

I have just added some information to the Money and politics wiki page about the sweet deal (1/2 billion dollar loophole) that Amgen got from a Senate amendment. This is pretty damning stuff.

It made me think that the chief quality that a Knowledge Democrat candidate should have is that of being free of ties with corporate lobbying and corporate "sponsorship". The candidates should ideally be 100% open about their income and their financial ties to special interests.

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