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Minguo community

The organisation of this web site, its content and its regulations are community-driven. Any interested person can register and participate.


Any specific regulation will be listed here, as and when they have been decided by the current members.


Check our Help! section for anything related to technical problems, site organization, etc. There is also a link to a blog entry where you can request direct assistance.

The measure of success

The host of this web site explains the measure of success for this community: what matters is not how many we are, but what we can achieve together.


We have a collective To Do list. We work together to create the best site and the best series of wiki articles on topics that matter to us.

The laws to which this site is subjected

This page is not a legal document, nor is it comprehensive in any way. It simply aims to provide pointers and reminders with regard to various legal obligations that affect this whole site, including myself, as your host, and each and every member.

French law prevails

This site is being hosted in France. As such, it is subjected to French law.

Holocaust denial and denial of Crimes against Humanity

I am quoting wikipedia's article on Laws against Holocaust denial:

1000 ghostly figures march the streets of hamburg during the G20 summit

on july 5th 2017, 1000 figures covered in clay appeared on the streets of hamburg, germany – silently protesting on the occasion of the current G20 summit. through a two-hour long performance organized by the local collective 1000 GESTALTEN, the group sent out a powerful message that urged germany and the world to fight for a better humanity and solidarity in these difficult times.


Delete Hate Speech or Pay Up, Germany Tells Social Media Companies

Delete Hate Speech or Pay Up, Germany Tells Social Media Companies:

BERLIN — Social media companies operating in Germany face fines of as much as $57 million if they do not delete illegal, racist or slanderous comments and posts within 24 hours under a law passed on Friday.

En.minguo.info Non-Profit Marketing

I created this image to be used in advertising campaigns for this site. I can change the design based on feedback.

Full image: http://i.imgur.com/GcqcpML.jpg

How to get started with my Personal Book?

See this article first:

Some trusted members have the opportunity to post Personal book pages. Such pages carry the author information, but are not dated. The system will assume that the content of those pages will remain relevant forever, and represent the best thoughts that a person has on the topic addressed within the page.

See this blog entry about Personal Books:

How to make massive changes to my book?

Making massive changes

The short answer is: "Don't. Ask first!" The reason is simple: there is often an easier way to achieve your purpose. Also, massive changes to any content may have unintended consequences.

Changing the outline

If you want to change the outline of your Personal Book, moving one page from one place to another, do not attempt to delete the page to recreate it in the new place. It won't work. Check the following page, and ask for help:

What are the fundamental flaws in our society?

What are the fundamental flaws in our society and in our form of government?

You can add more options to the poll.

Give a higher score to the problems you feel are the most acute, important and fundamental.

Choice Blog entries Score votes Maximum score
82.5 % The way we select our representatives 7 entries 66 8 80
82.5 % The way we conduct elections 5 entries 66 8 80
80 % The way our political system allows the least principled of our citizens to be elected into office. 2 entries 16 2 20
View the full results and vote

Politics, Policy & Political discourse projects

As part of our re-design effort:
I am now working on improving the list of projects hosted at this site:

There are four core, inter-related projects that I would like to discuss now.
I need your feedback to help name the project, and define their respective scopes.

Election Methods project

The Election Methods project is the core project at minguo.
We just finished re-designing its home page:
I am very pleased with what Fred and myself have accomplished. It all started with a remark from Fred, and some of his suggestions. I followed his train of thoughts and there is the result.

The Election Methods project is however only one of four projects that are closely related to politics.

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