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We the People

We the People

1- National discussion about what “the people” want

The recent presidential election in the United States (and Brexit in the UK and similar movements elsewhere) was a clear referendum for change. Candidate Trump ran on a platform of change and received the vote of nearly 1/3 of the eligible voters. Senator Sanders also advocated strongly for change and many of his supporters were part of Secretary Clinton’s votes, also adding up to nearly 1/3 of eligible voters. The largest section of eligible voters however chose “none of the above” by staying home, enchanted with neither the status quo nor the changes being offered.

Time for a Conversation about Change

Fred just introduced me to a guy named Bryce Johannes.

I just finished reading his piece called "Time for a Conversation about Change" and which can be found here:
A shorter version, called "Making government of, for and by the people work" can be found here:

Early Childhood Care & Development Foundation

Early Childhood Care and Development Foundation (ECCAD) Is an NGO focusing on improving the life of children through education and creative activities, we also work with communities on health issues, water and sanitation etc.

Why Canada Should Consider Joining the United States

The following blog was originally posted here: Why Canada Should Consider Joining the United States at Democracy Chronicles It is this blog entry that directly inspired the poll: Should Canada join the USA? You can also directly vote on this proposition in a referendum-like poll here:

Should Canada join the USA?

This poll is directly inspired by Adrian Tawfik's blog entry Why Canada Should Consider Joining the United States. This is a Community Manifesto poll, and as will all community polls, you can insert relevant statements for other members to vote on. There is also a referendum-like open poll based on the same blog entry.

Listing in Community Manifesto:

Choice Blog entries Score votes Maximum score
66.67 % A world with fewer borders would be a better place. 1 entry 20 3 30
60 % No, the two countries are too far apart socially, economically, politically and democratically to consider a union at this stage 18 entries 18 3 30
60 % Canada would lose more than it would win by joining the US. 18 entries 18 3 30
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Setting up a poll about Canada and the USA

Adrian and myself are currently trying to set up a poll regarding the relationship between the US and Canada, based on an idea proposed here: Why Canada Should Consider Joining the United States by Adrian Tawfik.

The questions are:

- Should the poll be open to all, or should it be set up as a member-only poll for the community manifesto?

- What exact question should be asked?

What do you think about the presence of the US military on foreign soil?

With hundreds of military bases around the world, the US has an inordinate amount of military personal being sent to and stationed on foreign soil.
Whether they are in a country at peace or sent to harm's way within a military conflict, what do you think about US military presence on foreign soil? How much is reasonable? What conditions would make their presence there — or their withdrawal — acceptable?

Rate from 0 to 10 on proposed statements according to how much you agree with them.

Choice Blog entries Score votes Maximum score
72.5 % A certain amount of US military bases abroad is necessary for strategic and geopolitical purposes. 0 29 4 40
65 % The presence abroad of the US military is necessary for the US to defend its own borders. 1 entry 26 4 40
60 % Large portions of the US military should be reconverted for exclusive humanitarian purposes (e.g. disaster relief...) 0 24 4 40
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International Manifesto For the Next Generation

I like the idea of having a section within our manifesto specially dedicated to the next generation.

The original idea of an International Manifesto For the Next Generation does not come from me but from arkouzaki in this post about the long term consequences of using nuclear energy.

So if you guys vote up this option, we can start discussing the main sections and the main ideas to draft into this future generation manifesto.

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