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Income tax

See this discussion on the definitions of mean and median.

The California Peace & Freedom party had (may still have), in its platform, a provision that there shall be no tax on incomes below the average (i.e. mean). [To be verified and documented]

See this comment for additional information regarding existing policy proposals.

What are the fundamental flaws in our society?

What are the fundamental flaws in our society and in our form of government?

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Give a higher score to the problems you feel are the most acute, important and fundamental.

Choice Blog entries Score votes Maximum score
82.5 % The way we select our representatives 7 entries 66 8 80
82.5 % The way we conduct elections 5 entries 66 8 80
80 % The way our political system allows the least principled of our citizens to be elected into office. 2 entries 16 2 20
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Thoughts on Inflation

It is amazing how openly our government exploits our people for the benefit of mega-companies. The repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, and the extension of so-called Intellectual Property Laws that enable corporations (which have no intellect) to impose a perpetual tax on the people by overpricing products long after the producers have recovered the cost and a decent profit for developing those products, are but two examples of the victimization of the American people for the benefit of corporate giants.

Thoughts on Government

There are, in my view, three fundamental flaws in our government: the way we maintain our laws, the way we tax, and the way we select our representatives. Until we improve the way we select our representatives, we cannot sunset bad laws or improve our tax code.

Thoughts on Corporate Operations

Corporations are entities formed to exploit the physical and human resources of a community. They provide a means of attracting large amounts of capital to finance large projects. Some are beneficial and some are a detriment to the society that hosts them, but it is not easy to tell which is which because of the myths surrounding their operations.

Thoughts on "Too Big To Fail"

Taming Our Monsters

Dismantling "Too Big To Fail"

The Robin Hood Tax

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Introduction to Tax Reform

It is obvious to anyone that our current social and economic system is broken. Our tax system is a core element of the social and economic system. Tax reform is an important topic being debated by reformers across the globe. It is also a very complex and far reaching topic which cannot be summarized in a single blog post, much less a single tweet. A whole book, if not more than one, would be necessary to properly discuss each reform proposals, their effectiveness, their feasibility and their implications.


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