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Users' Personal Books

I like a lot what Fred has done with his own personal book:
I would like to extend the concept to all trusted users.

I will make incremental changes so that each regular member can have its own personal book.
The personal books are single-author: each member can have its own.
The personal books are not dated: they can be updated by their author at any time to represent the best that it has to offer.
The personal books are not the place for discussion. Use blog entries for that.

Taxonomy and tagging of content: preparatory work

Taxonomy = tagging of content

This blog entry is a status report regarding the use of taxonomy and content tagging in this site.

Although currently a work in progress, the site taxonomy, i.e. the way different pages are content are tagged according to topics, is an important way content is categorized.
The aims are:
- to allow users to find the most relevant content on any topic.
- find the most compelling content, whenever it was posted, newer content not necessarily being more interesting than older one.

Editing minguo poll options: community moderation?

It just happened that a member wanted to edit a poll option he had just added to a poll (due to a spelling mistake). I informed him that only myself, as web site administrator, could do so. However, I do plan to eventually allow any regular member to edit poll options, as long as the proper moderation tools and community supervision tools are in place.

So, this is a planned feature, although I don't know when I'll have time to implement it.

You can use this thread to discuss how you envision the workflow for adding, moderating and editing minguo poll options.


The Minguo Think Tank

This post is in reply to an email that I received this evening, proposing to set up a "Minguo Think Tank".

To a large extent, this is already what we are trying to do.

- Most polls are "exclusive" in nature in the way that only members can vote. Only some demo polls are open to the general public (casual visitors who are not registered). See your polling station (link on the left, B&W image) for a list of each type of polls.

- A difference is that it's not by invitation only. Any interested person can register and participate.

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