Electoral reform


Electoral reform

What is this section for?

In the pages listed below, you will find information about electoral reform advocacy groups who are actively promoting better voting systems.
If you know of more information that is not here, let us know and we will add them (or you can do it yourself: see below).

Why this directory?

The members currently agree to use this web site to Promote better voting systems.

French presidential elections, 2017

10 days from now, I will vote in the first round of the presidential election, and I have spend a lot of time watching debates and getting informed on the candidates.

There is so much to write about in this election. Unfortunately for you, most of my time will be spent on writing about it in French, so that I can share with my family.

However, should you be interested, or if you have comments or questions on the French elections (plural, because we have two rounds), you can use the comment section below.

You may check this first:

Electoral reform in Canada

Ralph Anderson made several proposals to the Canadian House of Commons Special Committee on Electoral Reform, advocating for a modified version or IRV.


Electoral reform in Switzerland

The Swiss Electoral Studies - Selects

Electoral reform in North Carolina

Electoral reform in Washington State

In Washington State, currently only one activist group is known.

In 2005 and 2006, they were rallying behind State Representative Nixon to promote Condorcet , a.k.a IIRV, for the state legislature.

Here is a quote for the group's homepage:

Our vision is to see IRRV (Instant Round Robin Voting, aka Condorcet's method) enacted and used successfully at or above the level of a US state or its foreign equivalent.

Electoral reform in Texas

About Texas, it is only known that Rock Howard, one of the founders of Citizens for Approval Voting used to be active to get the State of Texas to use Approval voting.

Further information would be appreciated.

Electoral reform in the USA

The following are web sites that are promoting better voting systems across the USA:

  • The Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates: This declaration, signed by election-method experts from around the world, publicly denounces the use of plurality voting in governmental elections. They recommend Approval voting, most of the Condorcet methods, Majority Judgment, and Range voting.
  • scorevote.com provides a list of resources about Score Voting (#ScoreVoting on twitter).
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