Site governance


Site governance

By and large, I would like the whole site to be governed by the whole community.
However, I will provide in the subsections below some basic guidelines and explain how I mean to enforce them.

There will be thus two levels of governance:
At the first level, there are the most basic guidelines that I will set and enforce myself.
At the second level, there are the complementary guidelines as developed by the community and enforced by it.

The laws to which this site is subjected

This page is not a legal document, nor is it comprehensive in any way. It simply aims to provide pointers and reminders with regard to various legal obligations that affect this whole site, including myself, as your host, and each and every member.

French law prevails

This site is being hosted in France. As such, it is subjected to French law.

Holocaust denial and denial of Crimes against Humanity

I am quoting wikipedia's article on Laws against Holocaust denial:

"No Politics! No Religion!"

In many places, whether at the dinner table, at work or on some internet forums, we can hear the mantra: "No Politics! No Religion!".

The logic behind this plea is that those hot topics are considered divisive. People tend to have strong opinions about them and tempers tend to flare. Thus, in order to prevent disputes in some social settings, we are often encouraged to avoid discussing politics and religion.

This approach is short-sighted and even damaging.

Terms of Use

People of all political views are welcome. There is no moderation based on political or religious points of view.

We only ask that you remain courteous and civil and respect our code of conduct.

Here are the offences that will lead to warning and/or a temporary ban:
- illegal activities.
- promotion of hatred, violence.
- rude and uncivil behaviour like name calling, insulting, etc.

Here are the offences that will lead to an immediate, outright ban, without appeal:

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