George Washington


Thoughts on the Evolution of Politics

Politics originated the first time two individuals found it necessary to negotiate an interaction between them. The stronger of the two pursued his own interest, whether or not it was to the advantage of the weaker. The political system that currently dominates world governments evolved from that point. Political leaders have always been the individuals that were able to amass the power necessary to pursue their own interest, even if it was at the expense of their contemporaries.

Thoughts on Political Candidate Selection

One reason many people don't vote in the United States is that the game is rigged. Why should they bother? It makes no sense to vote when the only choices are candidates committed to serving vested interests.

The political parties arrogate to themselves the conduct of our government; they write the rules by which the government functions, sell legislation to vested interests, and choose candidates committed to enact the laws written for them by the people who underwrite their election campaigns.

That's a clear case of setting a fox to guard the hen-house!!!!

Why do voters elect corrupt representatives?

We elect corrupt officials to represent us because political parties dictate our electoral choices. George Washington warned us of the danger of factions in his Farewell Address. Yet, factions (parties) grabbed power because we, the people, didn't understand how easily they are corrupted.

Thoughts on the Separation of Powers

Thinking about the Separation of Powers is important because it helps us understand how the "cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men" George Washington warned us about in his Farewell Address were able to "subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government".

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