The Self-Dissolving Principle Vs. Sortition

The Self-Dissolving Principle

Firefighters should do everything in their power to uphold fire prevention measures even at the expense of their own careers. If a governmental body or institution no longer serves any purpose, it should be abolished. Both statements sound completely reasonable and completely necessary.

Thoughts on the Evolution of Politics

Politics originated the first time two individuals found it necessary to negotiate an interaction between them. The stronger of the two pursued his own interest, whether or not it was to the advantage of the weaker. The political system that currently dominates world governments evolved from that point. Political leaders have always been the individuals that were able to amass the power necessary to pursue their own interest, even if it was at the expense of their contemporaries.

"No Politics! No Religion!"

In many places, whether at the dinner table, at work or on some internet forums, we can hear the mantra: "No Politics! No Religion!".

The logic behind this plea is that those hot topics are considered divisive. People tend to have strong opinions about them and tempers tend to flare. Thus, in order to prevent disputes in some social settings, we are often encouraged to avoid discussing politics and religion.

This approach is short-sighted and even damaging.

Thoughts on Belief

We all have beliefs, and they have a significant influence on our lives. They are intensely personal, but they are also a tool that is used to subjugate us. It may be difficult to understand why we hold certain beliefs, but we need to question their validity.

To begin with, we humans have natural inclinations that guide us (if not compel us) to our convictions. They include tendencies toward provincialism and a will-to-believe. We must look at these traits to understand how we form our opinions.

Dispell fallacies in political discourse

Fighting and dispelling fallacies in political discourse is one major objective of this site. I do not wish for this web site to become yet another political forum where people are free to spew their falsehood and distorted logic.

Disagreement and differing opinions are very welcome. The goal is not to impose a certain ideology.

Spotlight on fallacies in political discourse

This web site is mostly about politics. Also, we would like to welcome participants of any political persuasions. This obviously will bring about the worst in political discourse: disagreements that lead to arguments, name calling, and all kinds of fallacies usually found in political discourse.

I would like this web site to document all kinds of political fallacies, so that they can be properly recognized for what they are, and incite the future members to avoid them.

What can we do to improve our democracy?

What can ordinary people can do to improve the democracy in the USA?

We are ordinary people. Most of us are not wealthy, much less tremendously wealthy. We are not elected representatives. We have no special power. We are not famous.

But, generally speaking, we are concerned about the state of the democracy in the US.

What can we do?

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